Musings on the beauty of the road trip; by plane, car, boat, bike, foot…

Nuit Blanche (Toronto 2011)

There are lots of reasons to love Toronto, and Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche is definitely one of them. When else can you roam the city streets all night long in the company of hundreds of thousands of Torontonians. Amazing video, light, and sound installations as well as performances share the city’s public spaces with the usual art suspects and some questionable interpretations. As much as I love this event every year, there are still some kinks that have not been worked out. The most obvious is the pathetic attempts at road closures. I probably don’t have to point out which of our neighbouring cities has no problem shutting down large sections of city space for a celebration. Come on Toronto – just shut her down to cars! Everyone knows the only way to get around is on foot or by bike (on a side note: it gave me great pleasure to whizz by the drivers stuck in “not-going-anywhere-anytime-soon” traffic; I tried, but was unable to muster up any pity for their stupid decision). The other annoying aspect of the evening are the idiots that use this event as an opportunity to display obnoxious public drunkenness; I wish they would stay home and not clog the already too-long line-ups. ¬†Speaking of line-ups: wow, are they ever an exercise in frustration, but the only way to ensure you get into everything you really want to see without waiting is to arrive at the very beginning of the event, or late into the evening when most folks have exhausted themselves and gone to bed. However, as much as line-ups irritate me and prompt my fight instincts, it still makes me happy to see so many people enjoying Toronto and the public events she has to offer (now if only we had a Mayor who felt the same way…).






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