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“When I grow up I want to be successfully happy.”

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with some students.  One of them said to me “I can’t wait to be actually successfully happy.” I was surprised by her statement which implied that she had never been happy and her response was “Well, of course I’ve been happy, but it’s not real happy because it’s other people’s happy. I want to make my own happy – then I’ll know that I’m successful. Right now I’m too obsessed with other people”

It’s certainly not a far fetched notion that teens over-obsess over “other people”, but it is probably an idea dismissed by most adults.  However, the more I reflected on the idea of “making your own happy”, the more I realized how right this girl was.

True “successful happiness” is reached when your life is made up of things/actions/people that you sincerely want; that moment when you stop coveting the lives of others or comparing your own measures of success to other people’s, and most importantly, that moment when you stop being jealous of “other people” because your life is all you want or need.

This is indeed an incredible place to be.


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