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Training with Marv; Two Years Later

There are many reasons why I train with Marv at Blast Athletic, and many reasons why I think his approach stands out above the countless “trainers, boot camps, and group training” classes that seem to have saturated the market, including:

  • He is ridiculously fit; and there is nothing more inspiring that a trainer who is equally passionate about his own fitness as he is mine.
  • He is constantly engaging in professional development; always bringing in the latest exercises, techniques, apparatuses to the floor.
  • His “hybrid” approach incorporates the best training methods from almost every discipline/sport out there. This makes every class different; every class super challenging; and every class ridiculously fun (who knew football drills could be so great).
  • He cares about the phycological aspect of fitness and health; he asks for our goals and speaks often about “upping your game” and pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do.
  • He sets up leagues for added fun and teamwork (and doesn’t ask for more money).
  • He holds yearly competitions to keep everyone working hard towards a goal, including this year’s Toronto Athletic Games (which is open to non-members, so you should definetly check it out).
  • He conducts monthly appraisals for everyone who wants one, and keeps your numbers for comparison, and goal setting.
  • He has a yearly Blast Party – huge and fabulous, just because.
  • He sets up workshops on technique and form, and lectures on nutrition, sleep and stress.
  • He never accepts “I can’t” from anyone.
  • He is NEVER on his phone during training, because he doesn’t need to be – he’s that good, and that committed to knowing what he is doing.

But, despite all this (and I could go on), what really impressed me was the metal he gave me last week. It was not because I won anything, not because I signed up for anything, just because he wanted to acknowledge how far I’ve come after two years of trainging with him; something I was already very proud of, but didn’t think anyone else thought too much about. Ii know there are many great trainers out there, but I challenge you to find one who cares this much about his clients.



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