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An Art-Filled Night in the ‘hood

It’s a beautiful thing to be just a short walk or bike ride away from great culture, festivals and incredible food.  This sort of proximity allows for spontaneous “date nights” or, like many city dwellers call it, a night out in the ‘hood; something we enjoyed just other night.  The evolution of the night went something like this:

Him: “Let’s go watch a play at Tarragon” (we are subscribers, so the answer was easy)

Me: “Okay. You get the tickets and see if you can get us reservations at Fat Pasha

Him: “Great idea. I think there might be some Nuit Blanche installations at Spadina House and Wychwood Barns; we’ll avoid all the chaos of the downtown exhibits.”

Me: “Perfect”

And so was born a pretty incredible night right here so close to home.


IMG_2069 IMG_2073

IMG_2079 IMG_2081

IMG_2082 IMG_2085




Pumpkin Parade


A Christie Pits tradition, this year’s post-Halloween assembly of jack-o-lanterns on a mound resembles a choir ghostly faces.

Movie Night in Christie Pits Park

I may be biased in saying so, but I think the is the best neighbourhood in Toronto. It’s walking and/or biking distance to everything I could possibly need or want, and most importantly, my neighbours are amazing! Just look at the turnout on a Monday night (and they keep on arriving). Love it!